The NCAA may allow athletes to make money off social media platforms


Can college athletes make money on social media off their own name, image and likeness? That question has been raised to the in recent months by member schools because of a new social network called Tsu, which promises to give 90 percent of its royalties back to users.

Tsu (pronounced “sue”) launched in October under the premise that all users are content creators and, unlike Facebook, should be given royalties for use of their content. That philosophy as it relates to college sports is being debated in the courts by the and Ed O’Bannon plaintiffs, and Tsu is now marketing itself as a potential venue for college athletes to be paid.

The model used by Tsu not only plans to pay users for content, but also for bringing in followers. Tsu divides each post’s revenue by keeping 10 percent, giving half to the user who posted, and dividing the remainder with diminishing value among users that person invited and those they invited and so on.

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