Listening to some Kentucky Wildcats yesterday it sounded as if Kentucky was 0-1 in the SEC

When listening to freshmen and speak Thursday afternoon, it sounded at times as if the top-ranked Wildcats were 0-1 in the Southeastern Conference.

“We just left it in the past and we’re looking forward to the game on Saturday and everybody’s just trying to stay positive,” Lyles said.

“They came out and played one heckuva game,” Towns said. “We just have to bounce back and find a way to win.”


What: No. 1/1 Kentucky (14-0, 1-0 SEC) vs. A&M (9-4, 0-1 SEC)
When: Saturday, 1:00 p.m. ET
Where: Reed Arena (12,989)
Video: Coach Cal’s pre-Texas A&M presser
Video: Cats talk Texas A&M

They didn’t sound sad or dejected, per se, but instead of talking about winning Tuesday’s opener in overtime, they often were talking about what they can improve on, which is somewhat of a different dialogue than that of other teams across the country.

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