Jay Bilas proving to be prophetic on Kentucky

Jay Bilas

Prior to the start of the season, analyst spoke to John Calipari’s team during the Wildcats’ Big Blue Bahamas tour in August.

Bilas spoke to the team about its opportunity to do something ‘historic’ and the potential pitfalls that could prevent that, including the divisive nature of the media.

Six months, and 22 consecutive wins later, Bilas’s words are proving to be prophetic:

“I’m not an expert on your team. I’m watching you from the sidelines. I’ve watched most of you in high school, I’ve seen most of you play in college. That doesn’t make me an expert on you.

The experts on your team are right here and I think that’s something you need to keep in mind through the course of the year.

You have a chance to do something historic in this game this year. Not good, not really [good], you have a chance to make history. And other teams do, too. But you have an extraordinary opportunity to do that.

You have the talent, the experience and watching you play, you guys really seem to get along well, seem to have really good guys on and off the floor.

So what can stop you from accomplishing what your goals are? It’s a lack of togetherness.”

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