Against Cincinnati, Trey Lyles wore his game face

Trey Lyles - photo by Walter Cornett
Trey Lyles – photo by Walter Cornett

has a habit of mugging for the camera, sticking his tongue out or cocking an eyebrow as he walks by.

But against Cincinnati, Lyles wore his game face. The freshman forward finished with 11 points and 11 rebounds, his second career double-double.

“I keep talking about Trey Lyles,” said coach John Calipari. “We’re training him as a three, but he’s a four. He can step out and shoot, he can make free throws, he’s good with the ball, but he’s 6-10. So when we put him next to the basket, I thought he was really good.”

Lyles did half of his damage in the first half. On back-to-back offensive possessions, Lyles backed down a lone defender into the lane and finished at the rim. The second trip, he spun, elevated and threw a shot through the basket.

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