Kentucky showing no signs of slowing down

Tyler Ulis - photo by Walter Cornett
Tyler Ulis – photo by Walter Cornett

If Kentucky’s involved, it’s must-watch, so welcome to the enticing Midwest regional. The Midwest has to be the most compelling region, even if remains the overwhelming favorite. This quadrant gave us a super - tilt on Saturday night. It gave us running Kansas. It gave us a great Cincinnati-Purdue game that went to OT, and it all started with Northeastern almost upsetting No. 3 Notre Dame, which was the first game in the Round of 64.

Now the Irish are in the Sweet 16. This bracket is fickle.

What’s going to be to watch play out in Cleveland, and I’ll be there, is the fan quotient. Kentucky travel in prodigious hordes. fans are not incapable of flooding an arena. honks too? Oh my god, it’s going to get ridiculous in Cleveland. And let’s not forget that has more sidewalk alumni than any college in the country, and it’s technically the closest school to this regional. Scalpers about to get rich out by Lake Erie.

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