Kentucky and Wisconsin about the stakes, not the rematch

Aaron Harrison - photo by Walter Cornett |
– photo by Walter Cornett |

fans can probably recall every detail of the shot Aaron Harrison hit to send the Wildcats past and into the 2014 national championship game.

They remember how drove and dumped to , who quickly returned the pass. They’ll never forget how Andrew kicked to his twin brother and told him to shoot. The memory of Aaron rising and burying a game winner is burned into their minds.

The same can’t be said for the man who hit the shot.

“I just remember falling and celebrating,” Aaron Harrison said. “I really don’t remember anything else.”

Josh Gasser – the player defending Aaron Harrison – has a memory similar to Kentucky fans’ when it comes to the shot, though the feelings that come with it are quite a bit different.

“I think our fingers actually interlocked,” Gasser said. “When it left his hand, I was feeling good.”

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