Isaiah Briscoe brings winning mentality to Kentucky

Isaiah Briscoe

One of ’s favorite things to do on the basketball court is talk.

He doesn’t only typically win basketball games, he also wins the talking game, where he says he’s never met someone who talks a better game than him – but does concede that talks a “great” game as well.

For Briscoe, talking a big game on the court gives him an advantage over his competition. It can make some timid, it can take some out of their own game, and in both instances, it enhances Briscoe’s.

“I think it makes the game more interesting,” Briscoe said in an exclusive interview with “It brings the best matchups out of the opposing defenders. If you’re trying to go and kill him, he’s going to try to go kill you. That’s how you get good basketball, and that’s how you get better.”

And getting better is something Briscoe is all about. It’s why he came to Kentucky.

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