VIDEO: Spike Lee, NBA 2K16 chronicle Anthony Davis’ rise to stardom

Similar to the ads 2K16 created for Stephen Curry and James Harden, in a new commercial for the game, Spike Lee tells the life story of forwardAnthony Davis.

Starting with a quote from Davis expressing his interest in becoming one of the greatest ever to play, the ad follows the Pelicans big man from his unheralded beginning in high school to and ends with the impact he is already making in the NBA.

From 2K16:

Narrated by Spike Lee, The Rise is the story of a kid who rose to be drafted #1 in the after a childhood where he tried to get any game he could find. This is the story of a player who, when it’s all said and done, wants to be in the conversation for greatest ever. This is the story of NBA 2K16 cover athlete, Anthony Davis.