John Calipari reveals his secrets to recruiting success

John Calipari - photo by Walter Cornett |
John Calipari – photo by Walter Cornett |

Since 2009, there’s been no better recruiter in sports than University of Basketball Head Coach John Calipari. During that time, more than 20 of his players went on to make it into the NBA, including three who were drafted number one overall.

Since 2009, no coach in men’s college basketball is even close to that.

What’s his secret? He doesn’t have some special spiel he gives or a line that always works. Instead, his philosophy is an adaptation off the John F. Kennedy approach: he doesn’t ask what the recruit can do for him; he asks what he can do for the recruit.

“You have to know what (the recruit’s) dreams and aspirations are, and chase those with them,” Calipari said in an interview with LinkedIn. “I’m trying to help them succeed, so we become one of the places where everyone wants to work.”

However, one thing Calipari avoids is promising anything to a recruit or their family. While he tries to do everything he can to help his recruits succeed, the last thing he wants is for their expectations not to be met.

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