Tyler Ulis on pace to break John Wall’s assist record

Tyler Ulis - photo by Walter Cornett
Tyler Ulis – photo by Walter Cornett

is currently on pace to break ’s astounding record of 241 assists in a single season.

As of now, Ulis is ahead of Wall’s pace in 2009-10. Wall had 162 assists through 25 gamesin his record-shattering year, and Ulis currently has 169 through 25 games played this season.

For Ulis to surpass Wall, the key will be to play enough games this year. He will need 11 more if he maintains his current pace of 6.8 assists per game.

Five games remain on the regular season schedule, so assuming Ulis plays in all of those, a trip to the Championship and the Sweet 16 will have him right in line with Wall. Go further than that, say the Final Four, and he should have no problem taking the crown.