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For Kentucky basketball, it’s all brotherly love

John Calipari and players talk Kentucky Basketball, new season and more at Kentucky’s Media Day.

De'Aaron Fox - photo by Walter Cornett

De'Aaron Fox – photo by Walter Cornett

Today's basketball media day was the first chance for many to talk to the whole 2016-2017 squad. It was interesting to hear the team talk about each other , but when it comes to this years Kentucky team, I think puts it best: “We fight against each other everyday, but at the end of the day we're all brothers.”

That seemed to be the consensus among many other players and many went on to add that they're all making each other better in practice.

listed numerous teammates and their skill as the reason he wanted to play for the Wildcats, “Iron sharpens iron, so you play against the best.” He goes on to say that practicing against his teammates helps him simplify his game and improve it to a new level.

De'Aaron Fox said sharing the backcourt with “was everything I thought it would be and more” saying it helps him play his game and do what he has to do. You couldn't find a player that wasn't complementing his teammates.

gushed about how the team dynamic in the locker room “was all friendly” and how it's just a good team of guys.

This years Kentucky basketball team will be good, that is a no doubter. But if this team dynamic can carry over into games, this team has the potential to be great.

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