NCAA notice claims Louisville committed four major violations

Rick Pitino - photo by Walter Cornett
Rick Pitino – photo by Walter Cornett

The  publicly released the NCAA’s notice of allegations on Thursday after the organization’s year-long investigation into U of L’s men’s basketball program, and the charges U of L with four Level I violations – the highest level – and cites coach with failure to monitor an employee.

The allegations do not, however, include any charges for lack of institutional or head coach control of his program, two of the most severe penalties in the rules.

The notice details what the enforcement staff found in its inquiry into self-described escort Katina Powell’s book, “Breaking Cardinal Rules: Basketball and the Escort Queen,” in which Powell claimed former U of L basketball staffer Andre McGee paid her and other women thousands of dollars and gave them game tickets in exchange for dancing for and having sex with players and recruits.

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