Rajon Rondo has been the driving force behind Chicago Bulls team unity

The Bulls were supposed to be the destination for to rehabilitate his image and his game, enable the four-time All-Star to regain his reputation and leadership abilities and help the team move forward productively.

Instead, as these ironies in sports go, it is Rondo who is perhaps as much as anyone on the roster providing rare internal bonding opportunities and helping create the kind of team atmosphere necessary for success.

Yes, Rajon Rondo, healer.

“It’s just that I like to bond with teammates,” said Rondo.

That’s right, the of supposedly hated him, but only slightly less than Doc Rivers, who supposedly almost got into a fist fight with him, and Rick Carlisle who sent him away in the playoffs. Not coachable, or so said even the Celtics owner. The famous loner who media said had no friends because, well, he didn’t want them and they didn’t want him with his giant ego.

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