The play and leadership of Rajon Rondo has played a major factor in the Bulls hot start

Jimmy was with the gold medal winning 2016 USA Basketball Olympic team this summer, but when he wasn’t, he often was with teammate Taj Gibson. They talked about a lot, what happened and was supposed to be, how it might be. So they see the new guy, Rajon Rondo. They didn’t quite know what to expect, either.

“I was with Jimmy and we ran into Rondo and he was telling me we’re going to have some fun,” Gibson recalled as the Bulls prepare to play the Monday. “So from the time we got in we kept having meetings, team functions; the team gets together in the movie room, watching film, constantly together, constantly talking, (him) letting us know our strong points and weak points.”

All the Bulls players have been careful to note it’s two wins, and both at home. This week is three of four on the road and rematches with Boston and away. But there’s also a voice suggesting this may not be a fluke, and it’s a voice no one quite expected. But the play of Rondo, who arrived with a sometime reputation of voicing the wrong things at the wrong time, has only been a sweet sound to these Bulls.

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