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Kentucky Basketball

John Calipari explains how he gets individual stars to accept being part of a Kentucky galaxy

John Calipari - photo by Walter Cornett

– photo by Walter Cornett

The latest John Calipari book addresses the most intriguing ongoing question about basketball: How does he do it?

How does the coach get basketball savants to set aside NBA aspirations for a year and accept the wisdom of one-for-all unity? How does he get these divas to not only harmonize on the court, but seem thrilled by the harmony?

Calipari's new book, which arrived at bookstores last week, is titled “Success is the Only Option: The Art of Coaching Extreme Talent.” It gives readers a sense of Calipari's coaching priorities and their practical application at Kentucky.

 Attentive UK fans (are there any other kind?) will find several familiar ideas. Servant leadership. Players are not computers. Kentucky basketball isn't for everyone. You don't have to make all the shots, but you can't miss them all.

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