John Calipari: Coaches want to know if Keyontae Johnson collapsing is related to COVID-19

basketball coach flashed back almost 25 years when he heard junior forward Keyontae Johnson had collapsed during the Gator’s game against Florida State

While coaching at UMass, Calipari experienced a similar situation when star collapsed before a January 1996 game against St. Bonaventure. Calipari did not coach in the game, instead accompanying Camby to a local hospital.

“They never found out what it was,” Calipari said Thursday when asked about his reaction to Johnson’s medical emergency. “…The rest of the season, I was really conscious of him, especially when he first came back. If he went down and grabbed his knees, my stomach was in my throat.

“It was something obviously, but he played the rest of the year and he had a terrific 17 years in the NBA. So, let’s hope that it’s the same.”

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