Tyler Herro releases his first cereal: HerrO’s Fruit Hoops

, professional basketball player announced today the release of his first cereal, HerrO’s Fruit Hoops. The cereal bearing Herro’s name will be available online at PLBSE.com now and locally in south Florida Winn-Dixie stores on February 3rd.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the cereal benefits the T. Herro Foundation that aims to inspire and improve the lives of the next generation by focusing on initiatives that promote physical play, wellness, and creativity.

“It’s always been a dream to have my own cereal and now I get to see it come to life with HerrO’s Fruit Hoops,” said Herro. “I got to help develop the type of cereal, the box and the colors to fit my personal style. Fans who buy HerrO’s Fruit Hoops will be supporting the T. Herro Foundation and allow us to continue to give back to the community.”

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