TyTy Washington is Kentucky basketball’s “Silent Assasin”

There’s not a lot of attention-getting rah-rah with TyTy.

On Monday, that continued to be how players and coaches spoke of freshman TyTy Washington.

“He almost has a triple-double and no one even knows it … ,” assistant coach Ron “Chin” Coleman said. “He gets 15, 16 points and it’s, like, it’s not ‘wow!’ because he’s efficient.”

’s 15 points and season-high nine assists helped beat High Point 92-48 last Friday. That followed 34 points in the previous two games. For the season, he’s made 19 of 46 three-point shots.

Before the High Point game, Coach called Washington “a silent assassin.” He said Washington “tiptoes in and gets 15 and nine.”

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