The most important part of Kentucky’s 2022-23 basketball season has already begun

As the Final Four in New Orleans this weekend closes out the 2021-22 college basketball season, the most important part of next season has already begun. It’s transfer portal season.

Much like last year, the portal is filling up fast. Or is there a fill line? After all, the list is growing every day in almost every way. Big names, mid-major names, small college names. You name it.

Just look at the portal roll call: Jermaine Couisnard, Erik Stevenson and Wildens Leveque from South Carolina; Victor Bailey from Tennessee; Shane Dezonie at Vanderbilt; Brandon Murray and Pinson at LSU; Devan Cambridge at Auburn; Javon Pickett and Trevon Brazile at Missouri. That’s to name a few. So far.

Here’s something we learned from last year’s transfer free-for-all: It’s not about getting the best transfers for your team. It’s about getting the right transfers for your team.

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