North Carolina Governor Declares State as ‘Center of the College Basketball Universe’

You heard it here, folks— has been declared as the “center of the college basketball universe.”

There are probably a few states who will like a word about this proclamation: Indiana, Kentucky, Connecticut, Kansas, and to name a few for their respective men’s and women’s programs. 

Governor Roy Cooper, a UNC graduate, signed a proclamation giving the state this honor as the Tar Heels and Blue Devils prepare to square off in the Final Four, marking the first time the programs will play each other in the men’s NCAA tournament. 

Along with the proclamation, the governor released a for the announcement, which included clips of UNC legend and Duke star ’s “the shot.” Cooper is sporting a tie with both of the school’s colors in the video, and he praised the schools’ academic achievements before running through the basketball history for both men’s programs. 

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