John Calipari issues urgent call for new practice facility: “We need to do this”

has been busy this offseason pushing for the much-needed changes around the  Wildcats basketball program.

One of those needed changes is a new practice facility for the basketball team, but Athletics Director didn’t seem to agree that a new facility was needed earlier this summer.

In the Bahamas, Calipari shared his vision for the facility, which could also house a Basketball museum, and discussed why it is so urgently needed. The fact that the roof in the practice gym leaked last week is just one part of it.

“This is my mindset, what I’m saying. I’m not saying just a gym — but it has to be bigger and not leak like the one we’ve got. But it’s gotta be bigger because that’s what they are now. People should come in and see this and say, ‘Whoa.’ But this is Basketball. The gold standard in the country. This university, this state, basketball. So now, it’s time to say, this is what we want to do. I think again, yeah, I’ll push the needle. Let’s go.”

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