Jacob Toppin’s offseason progression played out in the Bahamas

Shortly after his 27-point explosion the night before, senior forward  followed it up with another impressive performance on Sunday afternoon.

It was a grittier sort of contest for Toppin and the Wildcats, once again proving everything the were hoping to see from him this week. He grabbed five rebounds, snagged two steals and had a block playing in a getaway game where everybody in the arena was probably half-baked from the sun and ready to go home. He matched the toughness needed against older competition.

We’ve all known about his hops and “wow” plays that Toppin has been able to showcase at times. We’ve been told all summer that he’s transformed into this complete player and leader. It’s great to feel vindicated about taking a project and watching it pan out perfectly, even if it is the middle of August.

We understand the level of competition we saw it against. But we can clearly see a difference in the way Toppin has been playing this week. It’s not just us who’s noticed, either.

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