Louisville receives limited punishment for NCAA violations under Rick Pitino

 has avoided major punishments in the IARP case, per Matt Norlander. He is reporting there will be no postseason ban. The school will pay a $5,000 fine, receive two years of probation, and receive a small reduction in  days and two years of probation.

 and  will not be punished. Kenny Johnson received a two-year show-cause that will prohibit him from  and Jordan Fair was also assessed a two-year show-cause.

No appeal is available to the Cardinals and whatever is resolved will need to be enforced. The original Notice of Allegations from the  came in May 2020, and that included one Level I violation that goes to a “Lack of Institutional Control.” An amended NoA was sent in September of 2021 by the IARP, but only included additional Level II violations.