What have we learned about this Kentucky basketball team? Don’t believe the hype.

basketball traveled a long way Sunday night to find out it has a long way to go.

How long? That’s yet to be determined. Still, there was nothing in ’s 88-72 loss to the No. 2-ranked Bulldogs that made you think this particular team was close to living up to the summer hype festival or the No. 4 preseason ranking.

Instead, after the 9-16 COVID campaign and the first-round Tournament loss to No. 15 seed Saint Peter’s last March, the 3-2 Wildcats have squandered a couple of early-season opportunities to crush the program-in-decline narrative and send Cats-are-back signals across the college basketball landscape.

First there was that loss to State. You know, that double overtime Champions Classic defeat last Tuesday in Indianapolis. Both at the end of regulation and again at the end of the first overtime, basic defensive failures cost the Cats the victory. When it mattered most, was the more disciplined and better-coached team.

Sunday night in Spokane, however, the Cats were bad from start to finish. Oh, there were a couple of positive spurts in the second half when appeared it just might make the game more interesting. (It trailed 49-45 with 13:07 left.) In the end, however, the Cats lacked a ladder tall enough to climb out of their deep hole.