Sahvir Wheeler has been looking forward to the UCLA game for months

Back in the preseason,  was asked if there was any particular opponent on 's 2022-23 schedule that he was looking forward to playing.

While Wheeler noted that competing against the best of the best on a regular basis was a primary reason he decided to come to , he declined to elevate any one game over the rest.

“I don't really get into that,” Wheeler said.

With one exception.

“The only place I'm looking forward to is getting back to Madison Square Garden — not because of the opponent — just because of the venue,” the Wildcats' point guard continued.

That game is now just a few days away. The opponent is — just the second-ranked foe the Wildcats will play this season — and, no matter how Wheeler worded it in that preseason interview, that does matter. Obviously, Saturday's opponent makes this a big game, the UK senior acknowledged over the weekend. The Cats are still looking for their first victory over a ranked team. And this game will pit Wheeler against UCLA playmaker Tyger Campbell, who boasts the reputation as one of the best point guards in the country.

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