Pressure Growing On John Calipari and John Calipari Doesn’t Do Well With Pressure

Per the Duke Basketball Report, “The most interesting thing in college basketball right now, in our opinion, is turning on John Calipari. And by Kentucky we mean and local media.  You could toss in national media too for that matter.”  The Basketball Report went on:

Calipari is in some ways an admirable man. If nothing else, his children are interesting and intelligent and deeply loyal to their family. Clearly he has good qualities and cannot be the caricature opposing fan bases believe him to be.

But he does have some significant flaws and one of them is dealing with heavy criticism. When he was with the Nets, and flailing, Calipari had an intern call into a sports talk show to defend him. And, more bizarrely, he had his people check to see if his phones were bugged (this was before cell phones). While with the Nets, he could reasonably be described as paranoid.

The New York media is of course ferocious and the are a handful.

Currently though, Calipari, is in the most demanding fishbowl in college sports. Alabama is a close second, but there is no worse place to flail than Rupp Arena.

In short, while Calipari is doing a good job of keeping up appearances externally, internally, he’s almost certainly having a very difficult time. And if the pressure builds, his temptation to look to greener pastures is going to be strong.

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