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ESPN’s Michael Wilbon tells John Calipari to give Kentucky basketball fans ‘the double-bird’

Hosts of ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption, Tony Kornheiser and Micheal Wilbon, both blasted Kentucky fans for their treatment of John Calipari.

was the talk of college basketball yesterday following the embarrassing loss to South Carolina, with national pundits from far and wide weighing in on the Wildcats' struggles. The story led off 's Pardon the Interruption, and both Tony Kornheiser and Micheal Wilbon blasted Kentucky fans for their treatment of , specifically, the smattering of boos he received on Tuesday night and the “Please Go To Texas” sign a fan held up behind the bench before being ejected. For that, both hosts believe Calipari should leave Kentucky and set up shop elsewhere; in fact, Wilbon said he should give the BBN double-birds as he leaves Rupp Arena.

“I hope it's his last year,” Wilbon said. “John Calipari, with the transfer portal being what it is and how it reshapes college sports, particularly football and basketball, John Calipari as great a coach he is, as a great a recruiter, an attractor of talent, John Calipari could be like a pop-up store. He can go to any damn place in America.

“He's a northeastern guy, largely, he can go set up shop anywhere and in one season, be in the tournament, and two, a threat to win the tournament so John Calipari can walk off the floor in Lexington — he won't do this, I would do this — he could give people the double bird if he wants. He can say, I'll walk right out of here, I'll take half these kids with me.”

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