Mitch Barnhart on his relationship with John Calipari: “I do care deeply about Cal”

Amid reports that his relationship with is at an all-time low, did something he hasn’t done in years: called Sports Radio to clear the air. Barnhart covered several topics during his 18-minute conversation with Matt Jones, ranging from his relationship with Calipari, the state of the basketball program, his handling of Calipari’s “basketball school” comments last summer, and Calipari’s request for a new practice facility. We’ll be rolling out coverage all afternoon, but let’s start with the biggest takeaway: how he and Cal are doing.

Barnhart dismissed the notion that he and Calipari are on the outs, telling Matt that although the two are not best friends, they still have a good working relationship.

“I don’t think it’s true. I think that we come at the world from different lenses and in different ways. And because we’re different, I don’t think that necessarily means it’s bad. You know, I look at it from one way, he looks at it from another way and I think that’s what makes the world sort of go around.

“At the end of the day, I do care deeply about Cal. I want to make sure that he knows how much we appreciate what he’s done here and I want him to know, man that this is probably one of the top five or six hardest jobs and all of college sports and certainly, it’s one of the top most pressure-packed jobs of sports in general. And so yeah, I want him to know I care.

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