Five NCAA Tournament storylines that will have an effect on Kentucky basketball

The Wildcats will have plenty to occupy themselves with this week without looking around at other parts of the Tournament bracket.

is still dealing with injuries going into its first-round game against  on Friday night, and the Cats are in search of their first March Madness victory in four years following a canceled tournament in 2020, an abysmal season in 2020-2021, and the shocking end to the 2021-22 campaign, which concluded with that upset loss to 15-seeded Saint Peter’s.

While the Wildcats themselves remain locked in on the Friars and their small corner of the East Regional, there are plenty of other storylines throughout the bracket that basketball will probably be keeping an eye on.

      1. Rodney Terry and the job
      2. vs.
      3. The Scheyer era at
      4. Rick Pitino’s next move
      5. SEC basketball outlook

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