Carey Spicer




Date of Birth:
April 23, 1909

Hometown: Lexington,


 Carey Spicer

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The first under and one of two players most responsible for helping make a successful transition from the slow-down style employed by John Mauer to the more up-tempo style implemented by Rupp.  Spicer actually made under both coaches-Mauer in 1929, Rupp in 1931.  His great adaptability is best reflected in the numbers he posted under the two coaches.  He averaged 5.7 and 6.5 in his two seasons with Mauer, then scored 10.6 points per game in Rupp’s more open, fast-breaking system.  He had his best night when he scored 27 in a 42-37 win over Vanderbilt.  Also had a then-record 22 against in the Southern Conference Tournament and 20 in a 38-34 regular season win over Tech.  Was named to the all-tournament team.  An outstanding all-around athlete, he was also a superb halfback / quarterback who scored 75 points for during the 1930 season.  One sportswriter wrote that Spicer was “one of those quiet fellows back in the haze who can do things when things must be done.”