1902-1903 Kentucky Basketball Statistics

Final Record: Won: 1; Lost: 2
Head Coach: W. W. H. (William Walter Henry) Mustaine
Notes: First Season

The University of basketball program, the winningest in history, began with a loss to Georgetown (KY.) College on the afternoon of Feb. 6, 1903. The game was of such insufficient interest that the two Lexington newspapers couldn’t agree on the final score. The Herald had it 17-6, the Leader said it was 15-6. The archives credit the Leader’s 15-6 score as being official.

Back then, only 12 years after basketball had been invented, the school was known as College and the team’s nickname was the Cadets (It officially became the Wildcats in 1909).  The first basketball team was put together by William Walter Henry Mustaine, the school’s physical education director, with most of the players borrowed from the team.  They first organized on January 7, 1903.  That first team consisted of H. J. Wurtele, J. White Guyn, Joe Coons, R.H. Arnett. Leander Andrus, William Goodwin, Harold Amoss, E. Cronley Elliott, Ed Pierce and G.C. Montgomery.  The players took up a collection, raising $3 to purchase a basketball. They were also responsible for furnishing their own uniforms and shoes. 

The first of UK’s wins came on February 18, when the Cadets beat the Lexington YMCA 11-10.  They closed out the season with a 42-2 loss to University (now University).

2/6/1903 College at L6 – 15
2/18/1903Lexington YMCA at W11 – 10
2/20/1903 University at KentuckyL2 – 42