No Show for April 9, 2020

Bridget Grigsby,

Since you failed to show with Ramsie in Beaver Dam last night for my normal weekend of parenting time with no notice of your intent to do so, failed to answer 12 calls to your cell phone, failed to answer one text, failed to answer one email and left your home in Haubstadt with Ramsie around 5:50 pm, according to a neighbors testimony to a Gibson County sheriffs deputy, indicating you had no intention of having Ramsie in Beaver Dam by 6 pm, you will bring her to Etown this coming Friday night, 4/16, at our normally scheduled time.  Failure to do so will result in requesting that the court find you in contempt for denying me parenting time as ordered by the court for this offense and for a previous offense in August of 2020.

Bridget Grigsby responded to this notice more than 48 hours later:

My sincere apologies for not showing up with my dtr this past weekend. Ramsie told me that you told her that you would see her in a couple of weekends when she got out your your truck last weekend.
As far as holding me contempt, you haven’t paid me for any of her dance classes since February 2020 or any other expense that is related to dance. I have provided you with receipts that YOU wanted. There nothing in an order that says how you receive those receipts. Also, I believe that YOU took my dtr to Orange Beach (hot spot for Covid) in August right before school started and didn’t inform me of that. My understanding too, is that you let Ramsie go to the pool with people that you just met down there and went back up the room while she stayed in the pool. Thank goodness she didn’t get abducted or something else happen to her.
Last, don’t ever send me a link again to open up, I will not do it. Your putting my communication device at risk for a virus. Regular e-mail has worked just fine. And, please remember what Mr Zoss has advised you of.
Now, since I have had this composed and you have called, Ramsie comes out balling. Tells me all the stuff you said to her. Wow, way to be a parent. Telling her she is going to spend the entire weekend in her room, not going anywhere for summer break until she can come up w/a satisfactory answer for you, that she is grounded all summer, If she thinks she has it bad now, she doesn’t know what bad is until she is with you next, if she doesn’t want a dad or that family, you can make that happen (let’s make that happen). Yelling at her the entire time, telling her I’m gonna be in big trouble. What makes you think she would want to come and spend time w/you with all of the above. She is scared beyond belief and quit frankly, I’m worried about her safety. The way you talked her, shows that you have no regard to her well being and to how you feel about her. In fact, weekend of February 19, you didn’t talk to her that Friday and then you didn’t feed her at all on Friday, Saturday morning, Saturday for lunch, she tells me she finally ate on that Saturday evening and she scarfed her food down b/c she was so hungry. This is mental and emotional abuse.