32 Bobby Slusher

Bobby Slusher
Hometown (Last School)
Four Mile, KY (Lone Jack)
November 17, 1938

Bobby Slusher was born Bobby Lee Slusher on November 17, 1938, in Bell County, Kentucky.  His mother was Eulah Woods. 

He played for Lone Jack High School in Four Mile, Kentucky.  He boasted a tremendous high school reputation as a scorer.  On January 22, 1957, he hit for 83 points against Pineville in a 113-64 win. In that game, he made 32 field goals and 19 of 27 free throws to erase Wah Wah Jones’ 13th Regional record of 64 established in the early 1940’s while playing with Harlan.  Slusher did break the season high of 64 points scored by Darel Carrier. a 6-foot freshman from Bristow, against Sunfish.  At Lone Jack, he played center four years and earned first team All-State and third team All-America honors.  He was said to be the best since Cliff Hagan.  Rumors out of Four Mile, said he had a wing-span of 98 inches but when measured at Memorial Coliseum, it measured 78 inches.

He signed a grant-in-aid to play for Kentucky in January of 1957.

From the 1959 University of Kentucky Basketball Media Guide:

Baron Adolph Rupp, widely known for humorous parodies of biblical quotations, said once: “I lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence my help cometh.” The comment is more truth than fiction and Bobby Slusher may well be the latest to prove that many Kentucky cage stars come from the mountain regions of Eastern Kentucky. Bobby hails from a little community known as Four Mile and went to Lone Jack High School. More important than the hometown location, however, is the quality of talent possessed by Slusher. Coach Rupp feels Bobby could develop into a great cage player and he might cross up the experts by giving the mountain lad an immediate starting berth. Even if starting duty is postponed a while, however, it seems certain that Slusher will contribute greatly to the Kentucky cause this season. He boasts a tremendous high school reputation as a scorer, once hitting for 83 points in a single game. At Lone Jack, he played center four years and earned first team All-State and third team All-America honors. Also pitched, played first base and outfield in baseball. As a Kentucky freshman, the 6-4 forward scored 277 points in 17 games for a 16.3 average and led the team in rebounding with 186. He showed his versatility by moving into the pivot in place of Ned Jennings when the latter was lost by an appendectomy for several weeks. Singing, fishing and swimming are his principal hobbies and he plans to play professional basketball or coach after graduation.

From the Kentucky Kernel, February 5, 1959:

Adolph Rupp has a sophomore in his camp who hails from a little Eastern Kentucky village called Four Mile. But his determination and valueness is excelled only by his will and love for the game.  We are talking about Mr. Dependability himself Bobby Slusher.  The first time Bobby was called on for emergency duty was during the sixth annual UKIT last December.  Slusher did a tremendous job filling in for the ailing Billy Lickert.  The former Lone Jack star picked up 42 in the two tourney games and was selected by the sportswriters and sportscasters present to the an-tourney team.  

Against Florida last week Rupp sent the jump shot artist in the contest to replace Johnny Cox and he sparked a cold UK team to a 14-point halftime lead and wound up with 14 markers.  Against Georgia Slusher again showed his feathers and wound up with 17 points. You just have to admit that when Bobby gets the call from the Baron he produces and gives the game all he has got.

The scrapping 6-4 forward took to the pivot post against Florida and performed about as well as a duck does in water. Slusher is fifth in the rebound department with
90, just one behind Phil Johnson.  He is sixth in scoring with 127 points in 16 games. good for an eight-point average.

As a freshman. Bobby scored 277 points in 17 games for a 16.3 average and he led the Kittens in the rebound department with 186.  Bobby played center at Lone Jack and once hit 83 points in a single contest.

It’s going to be tough keeping the Eastern Kentuckian out 0f the starting lineup. Bobby gets our vote as rescue squad player of the week.

As a sophomore at Kentucky, the ex-Lone Jack High School star averaged 6.8 points in 24 games. He scored 23 points in clutch relief performance in the UK Invitational Tournament in December of 1958.

In April of 1959, Slusher was indefinitely suspended by the university for disciplinary reasons.  He failed to finish coursework and was declared ineligible for the upcoming fall semester of 1959.  He began playing independent basketball for the Yorkshire Restaurant in Newport, Kentucky and attempted to enroll at Kentucky again in early 1960.  He became discouraged and returned to the Cincinnati area to work.  He enrolled at Cumberland College in Williamsburg, Kentucky that summer and finished his college career at Cumberland College in 1960-61 and 61-62.  Slusher graduated from Cumberland on August 11, 1962.

Per Game

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Career24    2.56.9


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