Former Cat Jodie Meeks recognizes importance in backing up Kobe Bryant

Jodie Meeks - Howard Smith | US Presswire
Jodie Meeks – Howard Smith | US Presswire

While he was enjoying a high school game in his native Atlanta, Jodie Meeks’ cell phone blew up with text messages.  The Lakers had just finalized a trade that would bring them Dwight Howard. Immediately, Meeks imagined what it would be like to join a star-studded roster featuring an elite defender (Howard), an elite passer (Steve Nash), an elite scorer (Kobe Bryant) and elite post player (Pau Gasol). The thought of receiving countless open three-pointers because his teammates were double-teamed seemed so tantalizing. Later that night, Meeks agreed to join the Lakers with a two-year deal, worth $3 million, which became official Monday when he signed the contract.  “I felt like this was the best situation,” Meeks said Monday in a phone interview with The Times. “To have a chance to play for a team like this will make me better. I’m playing with so many good people.”


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