Kentucky Basketball All-Americans

A total of 53 Wildcats have earned All-America honors.  Of those players, 16 were named concensus first team
All-America 21 times, the most of any Division I program. The following is a chronological listing of all 53 basketball players who have been named to various All-America teams, beginning with forward  in 1921. The NCAA currently utilizes The Sporting News, The Associated Press, the NABC and the U.S. Basketball Writers Association.

Player YearSelection Board or Panel
ForestSale1932•HF, Cv, CH-1st
  1933•HF, Cv, CH-1st
LeRoyEdwards1935•HF, Cv-2nd
BobBrannum1944•HF, SN-1st, Cv-2nd, Pic-2nd
JackParkinson1946••HF, Cv-1st, Tru-3rd
  1947Tru-2nd, NABC-2nd
RalphBeard1947•HF-1st, Cv-1st, Tru-1st, NABC-1st
  1948•AP-1st, HF-1st, Cv-1st, Tru-1st, NABC-1st
  1949•AP-1st, UPI-1st, Lk-2nd, Col-1st, Cv-2nd, HF-1st, SN-3rd, NABC-1st
AlexGroza1947•HF-2nd, Cv-2nd, Tru-1st, NABC-1st
  1948••AP-2nd, HF-2nd, Cv-1st, Tru-2nd, NABC-2nd
  1949•AP-1st, UPI-1st, Lk-1st, Cv-1st, HF-1st, SN-1st
Wah WahJones1947HF-2nd, Cv-2nd
  1948Cv-3rd, Tru-3rd
  1949••AP-2nd, UPI-1st, Cv-1st, SN-2nd
BillSpivey1950AP-3rd, UPI-3rd, HF, 3rd
  1951•AP-1st, UPI-1st, Lk-1st, INS, Col-1st, Cv-1st, HF-1st, SN-1st
FrankRamsey1951AP-3rd, UPI-3rd, Cv-3rd, SN-2nd
  1952AP-2nd, UPI-2nd, Cv-1st, HF-2nd, Ath-1st
  1954••AP-2nd, UPI-2nd, Lk-1st, INS-2nd, Cv-1st, HF-2nd, Tm-2nd, NABC-2nd
CliffHagan1952•AP-1st, UPI-1st, Col-1st, Cv-2nd, HF-1st, Ath-1st
  1954•AP-1st, UPI-1st, Lk-2nd, INS-1st, NE-1st, Col-1st, Cv-2nd, HF-1st, Tm-2nd, NABC-1st
BobBurrow1955AP-3rd, HF-2nd
  1956••AP-3rd, UPI-3rd, Lk-1st, NE-2nd, Col-2nd, Cv-2nd, HF-2nd, NABC-1st
JohnnyCox1957UPI-3rd, HF-3rd
  1959•AP-1st, UPI-2nd, Lk-1st, NE-2nd, Cv-1st, HF-1st, SN-2nd, NABC-1st
VernonHatton1958Cv-1st, HF-1st
Billy RayLickert1961HF-2nd
CottonNash1962••AP-2nd, UPI-2nd, NABC-3rd, Lk-1st, Cv-2nd, HF-1st, SN-2nd, CA-1st
  1963••AP-2nd, NABC-2nd, BW-1st, UPI-2nd, Lk-2nd, Cv-2nd, HF
  1964•AP-1st, NABC-1st, BW-1st, UPI-1st, SN-2nd, Cv-1st, HF
LouieDampier1966••AP-1st, NABC-2nd, UPI-2nd, Cv-1st, HF
  1967••AP-2nd, NABC-3rd, UPI-3rd, Cv-2nd, HF
PatRiley1966AP-3rd, BW-1st, UPI-3rd, Cv-2nd, HF
DanIssel1969••AP-2nd, NABC-2nd, BW-1st, UPI-3rd, SN-2nd, Cv-1st, HF
  1970•AP-1st, NABC-1st, BW-1st, UPI-1st, SN-1st, Cv-1st, HF
KevinGrevey1974NABC-5th, HF
  1975••AP-2nd, NABC-2nd, BW-1st, UPI-2nd, SN-2nd, Cv-2nd, HF
  1977NABC-4th, HF
  1978••AP-2nd, NABC-2nd, BW-2nd, UPI-2nd, Cv-1st, WA-1st, HF
RickRobey1977NABC-4th, Cv-1st
  1978••AP-3rd, NABC-1st, UPI-2nd, SN-2nd, Cv-1st, WA-1st, HF
  1979NABC-3rd, Cv-2nd
  1980•AP-1st, NABC-1st, BW-1st, UPI-1st, SN-1st, Cv-1st, WA-1st, HF
SamBowie1981••AP-3rd, NABC-2nd, BW-2nd, UPI-3rd, SN-2nd, Cv-1st, BT-2nd, HF
  1984AP-2nd, SN-2nd
  1984••AP-3rd, NABC-2nd, BW-2nd, UPI-3rd, BT-3rd
KennyWalker1985••AP-2nd, NABC-2nd, BW-2nd, UPI-2nd, BT-2nd, WA-1st
  1986•AP-1st, NABC-1st, BW-1st, UPI-1st, SN-2nd, BT-1st, WA-1st
RexChapman1988NABC-3rd, BT-3rd
  1993•AP-1st, NABC-1st, BW-1st, UPI 1st, SN-1st, BT-1st, WA-1st
TonyDelk1996•AP-2nd, NABC-2nd, BW-1st, UPI-1st, SN-2nd, BT-2nd, WA-1st
RonMercer1997•AP-1st, NABC-1st, BW-1st, SN-2nd, BT-2nd, WA-1st
TayshaunPrince2001••AP-2nd, NABC-3rd, BW-2nd, BT-2nd, WA-1st
  2002AP-3rd, NABC-2nd
KeithBogans2003AP-3rd, NABC-2nd, SN-3rd, BT-3rd
JodieMeeks2009AP-2nd, NABC-2nd, BW-2nd, SN-2nd,,, College
DeMarcusCousins2010AP-1st, WA-1st, CBS-1st, FOX-1st, Yahoo!-1st, Rivals-1st, NABC-2nd, TSN-2nd, BT-2nd, BW-2nd
JohnWall2010•AP-1st, WA-1st, CBS-1st, FOX-1st, Yahoo!-1st, Rivals-1st, NABC-1st, TSN-1st, BT-1st, BW-1st
TerrenceJones2011Yahoo!-3rd, CHN-4th
AnthonyDavis2012•AP-1st, USBWA-1st; NABC-1st, SN-1st, CBS-1st, WA-1st
MichaelKidd-Gilchrist2012••AP-3rd, USBWA-2nd, NABC-3rd, SN-2nd, CBS-2nd
Julius Randle2014AP-3rd, NABC-3rd
WillieCauley-Stein2015•AP-1st, USBWA-1st, NABC-1st, TSN-1st, NBC-1st, USA-1st, SI-2nd, CBS-1st, WA-1st
Karl-AnthonyTowns2015••AP-2nd, NABC-2nd, TSN-3rd, USA-1st, CBS-2nd, SI-2nd
Tyler Ulis2016•AP-1st, USBWA-2nd, NABC-2nd, TSN-1st, USA-1st, CBS-1st, SI-1st, WA-1st
JamalMurray2016AP-3rd, USA-2nd, CBS-3rd
MalikMonk2017••AP-2nd, USBWA-2nd, NABC-2nd, TSN-2nd, USA-2nd, NBC-2nd; ESPN-3rd; CBS-3rd
De'AaronFox2017CBS-3rd, USA-3rd, ESPN-3rd
PJ Washington2019••• AP-3rd, USBWA-3rd, NABC-3rd, TSN-3rd, SI-3rd, USA-2nd, BT-3rd, LO


John Wall – Named 2010 Adolph Rupp Trophy National Player of the Year; Yahoo! Sports National Player of the Year; National Player of the Year

Anthony Davis – Named 2012 AP National Player of the Year; USBWA Oscar Robertson Tropy (National Player of the Year); Spalding Pete Newell Big Man of the Year; NABC Defensive Player of the Year; Sporting News National
Player of the Year; Sporting News National Freshman of the Year; National Player of the Year; National Freshman of the Year; Basketball Times National Player of the Year; Adolph Rupp Trophy
National Player of the Year; John R. Wooden Award National Player of the Year; Naismith College Player of the Year

Key: • Consensus; ••2nd Team Consensus; •••3rd Team Consensus; AP: Associated Press; Ath: Athletic Publications; BT: Basketball Times; CA: Coach and Athlete; CBS: CH: College Humor Magazine; Col: Colliers (Basketball Coaches); CY: Converse Yearbook; DD: Don Dunphy; ESPN:; FOX: FOX Sports; HF: Helms Foundation; INS: International News Service; LM: Look Magazine; LO: Lute Olson; NABC: National Association of Basketball Coaches; NBC: NBC Sports; NEA: Newspaper Enterprises Association; Pic: Pic Magazine; Rivals:; SI: Sports Illustrated; To: Tempo; TSN: The Sporting News; TM: True Magazine; USBWA: U.S. Basketball Writers Association; UPI: United Press International; USA: USA Today; WA: John R. Wooden Award; Yahoo: Yahoo! Sports