Ashley Judd’s favorite Kentucky player is Tony Delk

Ashley Judd - photo by Walter Cornett |

Ashley Judd spoke with the media following Kentucky’s win over Georgia Saturday.  Someone asked her if John Wall was now her favorite Cat.  She responded, “Did you notice Tony Delk wore a brown suit today?  I think Tony will always be my favorite Cat.”  She added that Eric Bledsoe deserves some love as well for the simple reason that she believes he will be around a little longer than John Wall and commended him on his energetic play against Georgia.  This marks the first time I’ve ever met Ashley and I was impressed with her intelligence and how humble she appeared to be with all the people and bright lights surrounding her but what impressed me most about Ashley though was her basketball acumen.  She’s done her homework.  Either that,  or she really truly is a Kentucky fan.  She spewed out stats and records without blinking an eye mentioning the NCAA MVP tourney MVP award Delk won in 96 to go along with his record setting performance from beyond the arc.  Say what you want about Ashley Judd, whether you agree or disagree with her political views or whether you think she’s a bandwagon-er or not, but personally I think it’s great that she is such a proud supporter of the Kentucky basketball program and am glad she took the time out of her schedule (she’s pursuing a Masters degree, has a new movie coming out called Tooth Fairy and is producing several other movies) to come cheer on the Cats.  Thank you Ashley.

Posted by Walter Cornett

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