Former Cat Sean Sutton is in for the battle of his life

Former coach Eddie Sutton and son Sean Sutton
Former coach and son

We should keep the Sutton family in our thoughts as they go through a very tough time.  A very humbling story from the Tulsa World:   “A streak was broken here Saturday that added to the overwhelming feeling of sadness surrounding former State basketball coach Sean Sutton.  The Sutton family’s roots go deep when it comes to Bedlam hoops. For 18 consecutive years, a Sutton either played or coached in every showdown with the Cowboys’ bitter in-state rival. The streak extended to 19 last season, when attended the first Bedlam game that didn’t involve either himself or his second-oldest son, Sean, coaching the Pokes.  The only remnant of the former first family of OSU hoops yesterday was the name on the floor — “Eddie Sutton Court.”

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