A dark night in Kentucky…

Kentucky vs. Georgia Tech, 1955
vs. Tech, 1955

College Basketball has several records that probably will never be broken, among them UCLA’s seven consecutive national championships, former Bruin coach John Wooden’s 10 national titles in 12 years and Pete Maravich’s scoring average of 44.2 points a game during his career at Louisiana State. But the safest record of all must be Kentucky’s 129-game home court winning streak, which began after a 45-40 loss to  on Jan. 2, 1943, and lasted until a 59-58 loss to  on Jan. 8, 1955. The Tech coach in ’55 was John (Whack) Hyder, now 81 and still living in Atlanta. “We caught  off guard that night,” Hyder says. “It was the first time I ever saw grown people cry over a basketball loss. They just sat there, too shocked to move.”


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