Former Cat Jeff Sheppard quit playing basketball because of 9/11

Jeff Sheppard
Jeff Sheppard has an interview series in which they ask former athletes about the moment they knew their playing days were over.  They talked to former Cat Jeff Sheppard who said:  “It was in 2001, and I was in Rome, Italy, when the terrorist attacks happened on 9/11, and my daughter was just born. She was born in the United States, so my wife and my daughter were in the United States while I was over in Italy getting the season started. And they were getting ready to fly over and be with me in November, and, you know, that day changed the world. Especially the months and years right after 9/11—it just changed how we thought and how we traveled, and so we had to make some hard decisions, and I made one of those really hard decisions.”


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