Former Cat Pat Riley has led one of the most remarkable one-year turnarounds in recent NBA league history

Pat Riley

With his suits, his hair and his style,  team president Pat Riley has long presented a Hollywood image. But those who have worked for him know his mindset is closer to that of a general.

Riley's life has been in basketball, but as someone in his teens and 20s during the Vietnam War, he has always respected those who served. He made sure the Heat didn't simply run like an army but also honored military servicemen, a huge priority for the franchise over the years.

Within the , there is a saying among some old-school executives that comes from Gen. George Patton: “A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week.”

“You know me, I'm all about now,” Riley said earlier this season. “We're going to press on and we're not going to stop.”

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