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Rupp Family Defends Adolph Rupp’s Character With New Website

The Rupp family has established a website to tell 's story and show he stood in clear opposition to racism.  Well, one has to assume the site was launched by the Rupp family.  The site is in the name of the Wildcat Nation Media Group, LLC.  This LLC was founded on August 10, 2020 by Jaron P. Blandford, a Lexington attorney with the McBrayer Firm.

The Rupp family also posted a statement to the site.  

Coach Adolph Rupp was not a racist nor a segregationist. He was a basketball coach dedicated to his players and fostering a winning tradition. Those who falsely accuse the coach did not know him, work with him or play for him. Those who did uniformly agree that Coach Rupp was a driven, competitive, strong personality who was intensely dedicated to building University of basketball into the winningest college program of its time. He treated people fairly and without regard to their color, creed or religion.

Coach Rupp's record is easily researched and stands in clear opposition to any claims of racism. In 1926, he named William Mosely to the varsity team at Freeport, Illinois, High School. Mosely was the school's first Black varsity player. In 1948, he served as an assistant coach of the U.S. Olympic Basketball team which included the first Black player, Don Barksdale. Barksdale later called Coach Rupp his ‘closest friend'. In 1961, Coach Rupp publicly supported President Frank Dickey's effort to desegregate Southeastern Conference (SEC) athletics. Unfortunately, that effort was rejected by the SEC and subsequently both Dickey and Coach Rupp received death threats credible enough to be turned over to the FBI.

The legacy of Coach Adolph Rupp remains having built one of the most successful collegiate basketball programs in the nation and helping propel his players on to further success in both sports and life.

The site can be viewed here.

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