November 30, 1974: Kentucky’s “Super Kittens” debut with 97-70 win

1978 National Champs
1978 National Champs

From the “Kentucky Basketball:  The Season Never Ends Calendar:”  Kevin Grevey had 32 points and Jimmy Dan Conner 12 as the #16 Kentucky Wildcats blasted Northwestern 97-70 to open the season.  The win featured the debut of “The Super Kittens”:  James Lee (11 points), Jack Givens (8 points), Rick Robey (8 points) and Mike Phillips (4 points).  The quartet of freshmen would form the nucleus of a talented group that upset #1 Indiana in March 1975 to go to the Final Four.  They finished runner-ups that year to UCLA, then won the 1976 NIT.  After a heartbreaking Elite Eight loss to North Carolina in 1977, they finally broke through, winning the 1978 national championship in St. Louis.  Read original newspaper article about the Super Kittens.

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