John Calipari says Kentucky Wildcats chasing perfect season

John Calipari - photo by Tammie Brown |
John Calipari – photo by Tammie Brown |

It was nearly 40 minutes of classic Calipari. There were challenges to his players and fans. There were swipes at and without either school ever being mentioned by name. And there was the tone set for the next edition of basketball, which is as bold as any he’s set forth before.

coach  sat down with the media Wednesday now that all matters could be discussed, given that the final recruit the Wildcats were pursuing, forward Andrew Wiggins, on Tuesday chose to play college basketball at Kansas.

That setback did not deter Calipari from what he already has established as the standard for the 2013-14 Wildcats.

“We’re chasing perfection. We’re chasing greatness. We’re chasing things that have never been done before in the history of this game,” Calipari said. “It’s never been done … in the modern era.”

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