Dominique Hawkins truly living a dream come true

Dominique Hawkins - photo from
Dominique Hawkins – photo from

For someone who had just kept the secret of his lifetime, Dominique Hawkins, if only for an instance, felt like he made a major misstep in kicking off his dream come true.  Just a couple months earlier, he kept the ultimate hush-hush by avoiding questions, dodging his friends and telling just about no one that had fulfilled his lifelong wish to receive a scholarship offer from the University of Kentucky.

Now, just two weeks into the start of his journey as a basketball player, Hawkins received a text message from his friend that hinted that he might be in for talking to the media about the “Wildcat Code,” what was supposed to be an in-house motivational system to make the players earn everything they get.

“A friend texted me and said, ‘Coach Cal is tweeting about you. That’s pretty neat,’ ” Hawkins said.

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