Jarrod Polson, the heartthrob of teenage girls in Kentucky, is entering his final season

Jarrod Polson - photo by Tammie Brown | WildcatWorld.com
Jarrod Polson – photo by Tammie Brown | WildcatWorld.com

was skeptical when he traveled to Ethiopia this summer.

He wasn’t skeptical of the work he and seven other student-athletes would be doing for the African country, but he had his doubts as to how “life changing” the trip would really be. Polson had heard all of the stories from other Wildcats on previous trips about how dire life can be for an Ethiopian and how fortunate they were to live in America.

But then Polson made the journey and saw the things he takes for granted. He walked into a house that was the size of a bedroom and had dirt for a floor. He played with a boy who didn’t know when his next meal would be. He witnessed another boy using a balloon to drink water out of a muddy river. He shook hands with a woman with a nervous-system problem who was so overcome with joy that she cried.

And all of them had a smile on their face.

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