Documentary honors fallen Kentucky basketball recruit John Stewart

John and Feleica Stewart - photo by Ed Reinke | AP
John and Feleica Stewart – photo by Ed Reinke | AP

Fifteen years ago, a prized University of basketball recruit died on the court during a high school playoff game. Sunday night at 8, an hour-long documentary will bring to life again — for those whose memories have faded and those who never even knew of the “gentle giant,” his enormous potential or his tragic end.

Thomas Beisner, host of “ Sports Television” on cn|2, was a student at in 2003 when then-Wildcats coach honored Stewart and his family on what would’ve been his Senior Night. It was an emotional scene. It left a deep impression.

“Since then, I’ve always thought about their family,” Beisner said. “I just felt a connection to that story. I always wanted to try to make a documentary.”

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