Karl Towns learns lesson the hard way, but Cats overcome LSU

Karl Towns - photo by Walter Cornett
Karl Towns – photo by Walter Cornett

The way things were going, needed a life vest.

The Wildcats, possession by possession, were watching a lead that once reached 13 points disappear, the pivotal play coming when hung on the rim too long on a dunk attempt with up eight and drew a technical foul.

After that, the Cats were going to have to figure out how to tread water on their own.

“Nope. No timeouts this time,” Calipari said. “They’re going to learn their lesson on this. We’re not losing in March because of a play like that.”

In a blink, was on a 16-0 run and trailed 66-60. Unbeaten record and all, Coach Cal was fully prepared for the result to go against his team for the first time in 2014-15 so the same wouldn’t happen again when a loss would mean the end of the season.

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