1976 Hoosiers hoping Kentucky can pull off perfect quest

Kentucky Huddle - photo by Walter Cornett
Huddle – photo by Walter Cornett

Quinn Buckner says he and his 1976 teammates aren’t chilling any champagne to uncork in celebration of a loss.

Instead, the nation’s last undefeated college basketball team is eager to end the 39-year wait to add another member to the club – even if an old rival is trying to make history in the Hoosiers’ backyard.

“These are young people who have a terrific opportunity to do something great,” said Buckner, an Olympic gold medalist, an champion with the and now a TV analyst for the Pacers. “I think for me and my teammates, it’s hard to pull against young people.”

Perhaps these Hoosiers feel safe knowing that, two years ago, the named them the greatest team in college history. Or perhaps it’s because their reign has survived so many other threats.

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