On this date in Kentucky basketball history, Kyle Macy saved the day…

Kyle Macy - March 18, 1978 vs Michigan State
Kyle Macy – March 18, 1978 vs

Thanks to a young man by the name of and a sticky second half zone defense, the Wildcats will be colliding with the Razorbacks in a semi-final game of the National Finals Saturday in St. Louis.

For a team to be ranked No. 1 in the nation, Kentucky’s entry into the Final Four was anything but easy.

In fact, had it not been for poise and determination, the Wildcats would well be watching from their Lexington rooms by television instead of viewing the contest for the title from the floor.

“It’s all concentration and rhythm,” beamed a happy Kyle Macy, who insured the Cats a trip to St. Louis when he hit ten straight free throws in the second half to pace the Cats to a come-from-behind 52-49 victory over in the Mideast Regional title game Saturday in Dayton, Ohio.

Macy, who scored 18 points (14 in the second half), engineered the victory with cool, calm leadership on the floor and some pin-point outside shooting. However, State insisted on making the Cats win it at the free throw line.

The Spartans made one big mistake. They picked the wrong man to foul and then they compounded the error by calling time-out each time before allowing Macy to shoot his free throws, trying to put added pressure on him. apparently didn’t know Kyle Macy’s veins run with ice water.

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