The MUST read story about Kentucky assistant coach Orlando Antigua

Orlando Antigua - photo by Tammie Brown | Kentucky Sports Review
Orlando Antigua – photo by Tammie Brown | Sports Review

This story about appears in The Magazine’s Nov. 11 College Basketball preview.

DON’T CLOSE your eyes.

Halloween night, 1988. He was 15 years old, on a gurney in the back of an ambulance as it sped down Fordham Road in the Bronx, sirens stacking atop one another like pages in a book.

Fifteen, with a bullet in his head, listening to the paramedics radio ahead to the emergency room. The language of panic: “GSW near left eye. Entry, no exit.”

Don’t close your eyes.

He repeated those same four words to himself, over and over, like a prayer. A child’s logic: If you can see, you can’t die. A child’s fear: If you close your eyes, darkness wins.

Simple solution.

Don’t close your eyes.

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